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Wuxi City speech machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Address: Wuxi City Qianqiao Creek Industrial Park Shun Road 3 #
Tel: 0510-83218211
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Contact: Xu Jingli
Mobile: 13616171440 18921109180
E-mail: liyanjx8@126.com
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Wuxi City, Li Yan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake - Steel Township - money bridge. Here is the birthplace of Wu culture, its broad and profound are pregnant with the continuous development and growth of enterprises. Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, tin should be high-speed east-west and north and south direct access to the Company, the traffic is very convenient.

   The products are exported to Russia, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Tanzania, the company is the production of SWC, SWP type, small non-standard, universal coupling, drum-tooth coupling professional manufacturers, and undertake all kinds of universal shaft maintenance The Coupling specifications complete specifications, reliable quality; the company has a strong design team, according to customer needs customized non-standard coupling.

The company has a strong mechanical processing capacity and improve the means of detection; company currently has advanced CNC machine tools, balancing machines, all kinds of ordinary lathes and hobbing, teeth, boring, milling, grinding, planing, drilling and other metal cutting equipment. The company developed the light, medium, heavy universal shaft and the drum-type gear coupling have reached the leading domestic level, long life, stable operation, is widely used in heavy machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, paper machinery, printing machinery , Rubber and plastics machinery and other industries.

Quality is life, service is guaranteed. We firmly believe that quality is a good tool to knock on the door of the market, so we attach importance to quality consistent. We strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 standard system of our production procedures. Advanced equipment, sophisticated technology, excellent staff is the necessary conditions for the development of enterprises. We have the spirit of quality first, the credibility of the first purpose, wholeheartedly for customer service, and indeed improve my company's products in the market on the comprehensive competitiveness.

Company leaders and all the staff warmly welcome all 来人, calls contact business.