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SWC medium - sized universal coupling
SWC medium - sized universal coupling
SWC medium - sized universal coupling

SWC medium-sized universal coupling is used to connect two different shafts (master and slave shafts) in different mechanisms to rotate together to transfer torque to mechanical parts. In the high-speed heavy-duty power transmission, some couplings also have the role of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft. Germany Ling Si coupling consists of two halves, respectively, with the drive shaft and driven shaft connection. General power machine mostly by means of coupling and work machine connected.

SWC medium-sized universal coupling is used to couple the two axes together, the machine can not be separated when the two axes of operation, only the machine stops and the connection is opened, the two axes can be separated.

Characteristics of SWC Medium Universal Coupling

1. Have a greater degree of angle compensation.

2. Compact and reasonable structure. The SWC-WD is made of integral fork and makes the carrier more reliable.

3. Carrying capacity. Compared with other types of coupling with the same diameter, the torque delivered is greater, and the range of the mechanical equipment with limited rotation diameter is more advantageous.

4. Transmission efficiency is high. Its transmission efficiency of 98-99.8%, for high-power transmission, energy-saving effect is obvious.

5. Smooth transport, low noise, easy installation and maintenance.