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GIICL type drum gear coupling
GIICL type drum gear coupling
GIICL type drum gear coupling

First, what is GIICL-type drum-shaped gear coupling

GIICL-type drum-shaped gear coupling with a certain angle to compensate the relative deviation of the two-axis performance, plus the middle shaft long distance work, the working environment temperature -20- +80 ℃, transmission nominal torque of 0.4-4500Kn.m. GIICL-type drum-type gear coupling for connecting the two axis of the same axis, and has a certain angular displacement of the drive shaft! GIICLZ-type drum-shaped gear coupling radial size is small, carrying capacity, commonly used in low-speed heavy Load conditions of the shaft drive, high precision and dynamic balance of the gear coupling can be used for high-speed transmission, such as the combustion of the turbine shaft drive.

Second, GIICL-type drum-shaped gear coupling characteristics

GIICL-type drum-shaped gear coupling with a small amount of axial offset compensation performance, can not buffer, vibration. Small size, theoretically high torque transmission, the need for lubrication, sealing, but the noise is large, expensive, for the connection level of two coaxial shaft drive.

1, carrying capacity. The bearing capacity of the GIICL drum-type coupling is 15 to 20% higher than that of the straight-tooth coupling under the same outer diameter and the maximum outer diameter of the coupling.

2, angular displacement compensation amount. When the radial displacement is equal to zero, the allowable angular displacement of the straightened coupling is 1º; and the permissible angular displacement of the GIICL drum gear coupling is 1º; 30 '', 50% Modulus, the number of teeth, tooth width, the drum teeth than the straight tooth to allow large angular displacement;

3, the drum tooth surface to the internal and external contact conditions improved, to avoid the angular displacement conditions of the straight tooth edge edge squeeze, stress concentration defects, while improving the tooth surface friction, wear conditions, reduced Noise, long maintenance cycle;

4, the transmission efficiency of up to 99.7%. Based on the characteristics of the above, at home and abroad has been generally replaced by drum teeth tooth straight coupling. UMA production of drum-type gear coupling specifications complete, and meet the appropriate standards. GIICL drum-type gear coupling, its rigidity, flexible, inelastic, it is not suitable for the requirements of vibration, cushion and two-axis alignment requires strict machinery.

Third, GIICL-type drum-shaped gear coupling for which industries:

GIICL drum-type gear coupling for metallurgical machinery, heavy machinery and other industries

Fourth, GIICL type drum-shaped gear coupling function

GIICL-type drum-type gear coupling function to adapt to the load changes in the adaptive, self-tuning technology, in particular, with the communication, networking and integrated PLC high-end drum-type gear coupling; Simple or industry-specific drum-type gear coupling and mechanical and electrical integration, miniature drum-type gear coupling.

GIICL drum-type gear coupling is a key energy-saving equipment. According to online media statistics, the current domestic with variable load, with energy-saving potential of the motor at least 180 million kilowatts, which for the drum-type gear coupling applications provide a very huge market. The application of drum-type gear coupling has been expanded by common fans, pumps and so on to food, beverage, logistics, buildings, etc., and constantly open up new energy-saving areas, its function has been improved and diversified, on the one hand is all digital, Functional, in addition, due to the advent of new high-voltage power electronic devices, high pressure and medium pressure drum gear coupling also has developed by leaps and bounds.