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WGP type drum gear coupling
WGP type drum gear coupling
WGP type drum gear coupling

First, what is WGP-type drum-shaped gear coupling:

WGP-type drum-type gear coupling for disc brakes supporting the occasion, with compensation for the relative offset performance of the two axes, the working environment temperature -20 ~ +100 ℃, transmission nominal torque of 800 ~ 180000N · m.

Second, WGP-type drum-shaped gear coupling Function:

The WGP-type telescopic coupling has a simple structure and easy installation. The brake disc is rigidly connected to the right sleeve. The brake load and vibration during the braking process are borne by the right sleeve and thus do not engage the drum teeth Performance damage, while the stability of the brake disc itself is greatly improved to ensure the reliability of the operation. The gear coupling is composed of the same number of teeth and the outer teeth of the flange and semi-coupling parts and other components. Drum-type gear coupling which is good ? The outer teeth are divided into two kinds of teeth, which are made of spherical teeth. The spherical surface is on the gear axis, Can allow a larger angular displacement (relative to the straight coupling), can improve the contact conditions of the teeth, improve the transmission torque ability to extend the service life. Angular contact state along the tooth width.

Third, WGP-type drum-shaped gear coupling features and features:

WGP-type drum-type gear coupling can compensate for load changes in the adaptive, self-tuning technology, in particular, distributed with communication, networking and integrated PLC high-end drum-shaped gear coupling; the other is simple or Industry-specific drum-shaped gear coupling.

WGP-type drum-shaped gear coupling is the main form of wear and tear, the use of forced thin oil lubrication, tooth surface wear significantly reduced wear and tear is about 10% of grease lubrication, the cycle of oil can take away the roll side of the rolling Heat and teeth generated by the friction of the heat, effectively prevent the tooth surface permitting contact stress reduction; under normal circumstances, there will be no broken teeth phenomenon, to meet the characteristics of continuous rolling mill requirements; the drum-type coupling can be To meet the rolling mill rolling roll requirements, stretching is very convenient; use of safe, clean, efficient and so on.

Fourth, WGP-type drum-shaped gear coupling for which industry

WGP-type drum-type gear coupling is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting transport, shipbuilding, wind power, petrochemical, paper, textile, printing and dyeing industries.

5, WGP-type drum-shaped gear coupling how to install:

WGP drum-type gear coupling installation method:

A brake wheel drum-shaped coupling comprising a left shaft and a right sleeve for respectively connecting the power input shaft and the power output shaft, and at the end of the left sleeve is provided with a drum The coupling sleeve is provided with a connecting flange at the end of the right sleeve, and the connecting flange is connected with the coupling sleeve by means of a threading bolt Fixed, a brake disc is clamped between the connecting flange and the coupling sleeve. With brake disc drum tooth coupling structure is simple, easy to install, brake disc and the right sleeve rigid connection, brake braking load and vibration by the right sleeve to bear.