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GIICL type drum gear coupling ring gear
GIICL type drum gear coupling ring gear
GIICL type drum gear coupling ring gear

One, what is GIICL-type drum-shaped gear coupling ring gear:

GIICL-type drum-shaped gear ring gear is the same number of teeth by the ring and the outer teeth of the flange half coupling and other components.

Foreign teeth are divided into straight and drum teeth two tooth-shaped, the so-called drum teeth is made of spherical teeth.

The center of the sphere is on the gear axis, The tooth side gap is larger than the normal gear, and the drum-shaped gear coupling can allow larger angular displacement (relative to the straight coupling) to improve the contact condition of the teeth, improve the transmission torque and prolong the service life. Angular contact state along the tooth width.

Second, GIICL-type drum-shaped gear ring gear function and characteristics:

1, strong bearing capacity. Under the same outer diameter of the inner gear and the maximum outside diameter of the coupling, the bearing capacity of the drum-type coupling is 15% -20% higher than that of the straight-type coupling.

2, the angular displacement compensation is large, when the radial displacement is equal to zero, the straight-tooth coupling allowable angular displacement of 10, while the drum-shaped gear coupling allowable angular displacement of 1o30, increased by 50%. In the same modulus, the number of teeth, tooth width, the drum teeth than the straight tooth to allow large angular displacement.

3, the drum tooth surface to the internal and external contact conditions improved, to avoid the angular displacement conditions of the straight tooth edge edge squeeze, stress concentration defects, while improving the tooth surface friction, wear conditions, reduced Noise, long maintenance cycle.

4, the external tooth cover tooth horn shape, so that the internal and external tooth assembly is very convenient.