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Unequal speed universal joint of shaft drive shaft

From the cold-bending equipment drive shaft axis angular velocity between the two axes when the angle is not equal to the universal joint, known as non-constant velocity universal joint, also known as cross-axis universal joint. The cross shaft rigid universal joint drive shaft is most widely used in the automobile transmission system and has the longest history. When the car for the rear wheel drive, often used cross-axis universal joint drive shaft, some high-end cars, but also the use of constant speed ball head; when the car for the front wheel drive, often used constant velocity universal joint Velocity joint is also a transmission shaft, but the title is different. Usually said the drive shaft is generally refers to the cross shaft rigid universal joint drive shaft.

Cross-shaft rigid joint is mainly used for the transmission angle changes, generally by the flange fork, cross shaft with needle bearing assembly, universal joint fork or sliding fork, the middle of the fork or spline fork fork, needle roller bearings Of the axial fixture and other components. The flange is a forked part with a flange, usually used in the carbon steel or medium carbon alloy steel forging parts, but also the use of ductile iron sand casting and carbon steel or medium carbon high quality alloy steel precision casting parts. The flange is generally with a flat flange, but also with an end face trapezoidal flange. Cross shaft with needle roller bearing assembly generally includes four needle roller bearings, a cross shaft, a grease mouth. Needle roller bearings generally by a number of needle roller, a bearing bowl, a multi-edge rubber seal (part of the skeleton) composition. In some needle roller bearings, there is a circular groove with a groove, there are nylon, but also the use of copper or other materials, mainly used to reduce the universal joint axial clearance, improve the transmission shaft dynamic balance quality The

Cold bending equipment Transmission shaft universal joint fork is a fork parts, generally used in the carbon steel or medium carbon alloy steel forging parts, but also the use of precision casting of carbon steel. Needle roller bearings axial fixed parts are generally holes (or shaft) with a flexible ring (inside and outside the card), or bearing pressure plate, lock, bolts and so on.