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Printing and dyeing equipment transmission shaft maintenance

In order to ensure the normal operation of the printing and dyeing equipment transmission shaft , the drive shaft to extend its service life, in use should be noted: the car is not allowed to start high-speed. It is strictly forbidden to lift the clutch pedal. Do not overload the car, speeding. Always check the operating conditions of the drive shaft. Should always check the drive shaft hanger fastening, support the rubber is damaged, the transmission shaft of the connection parts are loose, whether the deformation of the drive shaft. In order to ensure the dynamic balance of the drive shaft, should always pay attention to whether the welding rod welding. The new drive shaft assembly is provided in the new drive shaft loading should pay attention to the assembly of the expansion sleeve, should ensure that the flange fork in a plane.

Dyeing and printing equipment drive shaft in the maintenance of the drive shaft, the telescopic sleeve and the flange should be printed on the assembly mark to prepare for re-assembly to maintain the original assembly relationship unchanged, should always be filled with cross-bearing grease, summer Should be injected into the No. 3 lithium-based grease, the winter into the No. 2 lithium-based grease, transmission shaft parts damage, wear, deformation and loss of dynamic balance, will cause the car to produce abnormal sound and vibration, Parts of the damage. Car driving, in the start or rapid acceleration when the issue of "Gordon" sound, and obviously show the feeling of loose parts, if not drive axle drive gear is clear is the drive shaft parts loose. Matsuo parts are nothing more than universal joints cross bearing or steel bowl with flange fork, telescopic sleeve spline shaft and spline sleeve.

In general, the cross shaft shaft diameter and bearing capacity should not exceed 0.13mm, telescopic spline shaft and spline sleeve meshing gap should not be greater than 0.3mm. Beyond the use of the limit should be repaired or replaced. If the car in the car if the "buzzing" sound, and the higher the speed, the greater the sound. This is generally due to the universal joint cross shaft and bearing wear loose, the drive shaft intermediate bearing wear, the middle of the rubber bearing damage or hanger loosening, or because the hanger fixed position is not due.

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